A thin space filled with God’s loving presence in the North Georgia mountains.

invitation to Come HOME

His Home is a breathtaking 200-acre mountain environment and prayer sanctuary inviting you to retreat into God’s presence. A sacred place set apart, welcoming all of God’s children to come and…
  • Encounter Him and become aware of His Living Presence 
  • Experience undisturbed rest and stillness 
  • Discover God’s wisdom, will, and direction 
  • Renew, restore, and reconnect with the Divine Heart
  • Enter into God’s peace and silence the noise within
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Visit HOME

A prayer sanctuary carved out of 200 pristine acres that overlook the north Georgia mountains with over 2 miles of prayer trails and many places to rest in the midst of the beauty of God’s creation. From stunning mountain vistas, sunrises and sunsets,  babbling streams, unending fields of ferns and wildflowers…all pointing us to something far more beautiful…The Creator of it all.

Stories From Home
“What a sweet time with just my Heavenly Father. No distractions. Just us!”
Stories From Home
“Thank You for taking me on the trails and streams. Thank You for healing my heart.”
Stories From Home
“Thank you for all the wisdom You shared with me these two days.”
Stories From Home
“I heard Him say the delays and suffering are actually part of the promised blessings. So may I praise Him for them today!”
Stories From Home
“I’m leaving a different person. Thank you God!”
Stories From Home
"I am filled with wonder. YOU are Wonderful!”
Stories From Home
"This is a thin space. A sliver of heaven on earth.”
Stories From Home
"I leave this place called HOME with a deeper awareness of God’s home in me, with me always."

Help Build God’s HOME

In 2012, God revealed a vision for us to build a HOME for Him – a sanctuary where His children can pause from the noise of the world and seek intimate communion with their Living God (Luke 5:16).  We are four years into the establishment of God’s HOME, each step taken in prayer and lovingly guided by Him.

Step 1 (Completed)

Purchase of the first 123 acres where The Sanctuary and The Meadows are located featuring stunning mountain views, forested trails, flowering meadows, and peaceful woodland streams.  The Sanctuary is currently home to Piedmont Cottage for personal, multi-day retreats and the grounds are already open for all to come and experience God’s rest.

Step 2 (Underway)

In June 2021, we finalized the purchase of the remaining 77 acres, completing a total land acquisition of 200 stunning acres for His Home. Step 2 also includes the building of The Encounter Chapel, a community place of prayer and group retreats, in 2022/23.

Step 3

A thin space where Heaven meets earth.  The completed vision of HOME will include 30 private rooms to retreat into His presence, creating over 15,000 stays each year for individuals, ministry and business leaders and teams.  Beautifully landscaped gardens and an abundance of sacred gathering places welcoming groups of all sizes.

Will you join us in the building of our Father’s HOME for Him?


We would love you to be apart of this beautiful invitation  to create a multi-denominational sacred place of prayer in the north Georgia mountains. 

Imagine, a holy sanctuary for people from around the world to meet with their living God for generations to come.

God’s desire for each of us…“When you seek Me in prayer and worship, you will find Me available to you.  If you seek Me with all your heart and soul.”      Jeremiah 29:13

 Cloud Walk Ministries is a 501(C)(3) organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. All contributions to Cloud Walk Ministries for HOME are tax deductible.

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